What is Sea World?

I’m Ibrahim K. Msallam the publisher and creator of this site. I work as Customer Service Representative and Printing Professional in a printing company, while sea world is my favorite hobby, and I originally created this site to share my passion and love of the Seas with internet users all over the world, especially sea lovers.


Ibrahim K. Msallam

Our planet is divided into two worlds, the land and underwater world. Sea water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, it’s important in moderating the Earth’s climate, in providing food and oxygen, in its enormous diversity of life, and for navigation. The sea has been travelled and explored since ancient times, but with all explorations sea is not fully discovered yet.

Sea lovers will definitely like this site, since it will share various information about this magnificent part of the world, with more concentration about Mediterranean Sea. Our concern is all types of marine activities (swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, spear fishing, yachting, and all types of water sports). As well as, great information and news about sea creatures.

Information Requests

Sea World site is created as a source of information, and thus we welcome all information requests from everyone who is visiting our site. And through his research, the publisher will do his best to answer all your requests as soon as he can, it might take little time, because the publisher works on this site at evening and during weekend days.
You may send us your request at the following email address:


Other Places to Find Us

You can check our specialized seafood recipes site simply by clicking on the following link:


You can also join our Facebook group “Mediterranean Fishing Team” and share with us your fishing experience and any other sea related activities you did. You can click on the following link to go directly to our Facebook group, we are look forward to see you there:


Copyright Information

Copyright fair-use standards allows the images and information on this site to be used for most personal, educational, and non-commercial uses, and in case it was used the mention your source as Sea World. It is not allowed to use any images and information for any commercial use. Credit should be given to the copyright holders. When no copyright information is available, Sea World may be credited as the source.

All images with a copyright will indicate the name of the copyright holder and will also contain a link to their Web site.
Images on this site with no copyright notice may be freely used for personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes, nut with mentioning the source as Sea World. When using these images, credit should be given to Sea World as the source.

Sea World is a family-friendly site and uses easy language that allows readers from all ages to enjoy reading our contents. Information contained within this site may be used for any personal, educational, and most non-commercial purposes as long as Sea World is credited as the source.


Sea World is a personal, informational Web site and is created for the purpose of sharing the magnificence of the seas to internet users, while the contents of this site are provided for the purpose of informing only and should not be used as or construed as professional scientific advice.

This site represents the work of a single individual and is not formally associated with any entity, company, organization, or institution. Any implied associations are purely unintentional.
All statements and opinions on this web site are those of the accredited author unless otherwise noted.
All of the information presented on Sea World is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any discrepancies should be brought to our attention by emailing us at the following email address:


Copyright information for text and images is provided when available. To the best of our knowledge, no copyrighted material exists on this site without permission or license of the copyright owner. If any copyrighted material is found on this site which should not be here or if any copyright infringement is found, notify us immediately by email at the email address above and we will remedy the situation as soon as possible.


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