Alice B (Cargo Ship) – Wreck Diving in Lebanon

Posted by: Ibrahim K. Msallam

There is many wreck diving sites in Lebanon, our blog will divide these wrecks into many posts. I’m very confident that they will be at your interest.

Alice B (Cargo Ship)

This is a large cargo ship that sunk under mysterious circumstances during the Lebanese civil war.

Alice B

The story about the Alice is that it used to run contraband and arms during the days of the 1975-1990 war in Lebanon. After Interpol had ordered its arrest and the Alice found no place to dock, its owner, who was recently assassinated in Brazil, ordered it to be sunk and so it was. Two holes were blown in the ship. One is visible right smack in its left hand side of the mid section and the other one is in the back just out of the engine room next to the propeller. Needless to say the owner cashed the insurance money of about 1,000,000 US. Alice was declared lost at sea to the insurance company.


Alice B

The wreck lies on a sandy bottom and is beautifully preserved and is sitting upright. The “Alice B” starts at 34 meters and bottoms out on flat ground at 38 meters. Two large holes in the body of the boat seem to verify at least the fact that Alice B was blown up on purpose. The wreck is penetrable from several access points: The stern gives access to sleeping quarters and engine rooms. Through the main control room you can get to a kitchen and living quarters. From there a hatchway leads to the bedrooms. Since plunderers have taken anything of value, you shouldn’t expect to find any sort of treasure, but you will definitely have a truly enriching diving experience.  As it is a “Friendly Diver wreck” you could explore it’s interior starting from cargo bay, going through the sleeping quarter, engine rooms, the main control room, the kitchen and the living quarter.


Alice B

With mild underwater currents only occasionally swirling around. An array of fish and other marine life have made this ship their home. You can expect the visibility to range between 5 to 25 meters best. When the visibility is good, the entire wreck is visible starting 10 meters depth. Marine life around the wreck includes schools of tuna, groupers and lobsters. You will definitely need a local guide who knows his way around these waters.

This is a excellent wreck for wreck dives as it could be explored within 20 minutes. Don’t forget to take a light, the wreck will appear to you better.

Location: Zouk, facing Harissa, about 1 – 2 kilometers from the shore.

Visibility: Range between 5 – 25 meters best

Currents: Mild

Depth: 34 – 38 meters

Marine Life: schools of AmberJack, groupers and lobsters

Watch the following video, it is one out of several videos on YouTube for Alice B Wreck, I’m very confident that after watching this video you will be very excited to visit that site and wreck dive to see the magnificent Alice B. Followed by magnificent pictures for Alice B Wreck.
Take note that the video has also a part for Batroun Wreck at the end of it, information regarding Batroun Wreck will be afforded in the coming post.

This video was prepared by Khaled Merebi a Lebanese Diver.

Pictures for Alice B:


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B


Alice B

Tell us what you think about this post, your comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Wait for our next posts for other diving sites, where you can enjoy diving in Lebanon.

Posted by: Ibrahim K. Msallam


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