Who said that Diving Sites in Lebanon is Only in Beirut?!! Check Some Other Diving Sites In Lebanon …

Posted by: Ibrahim K. Msallam

Following the previous post for diving sites in Lebanon, there are other sites divers can pass by when visiting Lebanon. Including

1- Aqua Wall (Jounieh – North of Beirut)

This wall having its base at 60 its head at 5 and spanning over 500. The Aqua wall feels like its holding up the shoreline. It has 2 caves and many protruding boulders add to the exotic nature of this beast. This wall is buzzing with an array of fish and other wildlife that use its awesome might for protection these include: Jewfish, Cornet Fish and Octopus to name but a few.

About Jounieh:

Jounieh is a coastal city about 16 km north of Beirut, Bay of Jounieh is considered to be the most beautiful bay in Lebanon.


Jounieh Bay

In addition to its beautiful bay, it has seaside resorts, as well as its old stone souk, ferry port, and cablecar (le téléphérique), which takes passengers up the mountain to the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. Moreover, you can enjoy scuba diving at Jounieh’s water to see the wonderful Aqua Wall.

2- Halat Mushroom (Jbeil – North of Beirut)

One of the most beautiful natural dive sites in the Halat area. A huge Mushroom shaped  big rock is flanked by a reef that seemingly extends for ever in both directions. The mushroom partly surrounded by a beautiful rocky reef, full of corrals and some small gorgons. A small tunnel separates the mushroom from the reef. You will firstly reach the upper part of the mushroom at 35 meters depth, then you could go down along his trunk. until the 45 meters depth. Marine life is abundant. You encounter small fishes, groupers, moray eels, shellfish, jellyfishes, octopuses, and lobsters.

Beside this Mushroom shaped boulder, there’s a newly built dive site “Halat Reef”, on a Rocky reef nearby Halat and on a depth not exceeding the 32 meters, several Saint Statues have been deployed in 2009 in order to create a Saints City, a very attractive location for advanced divers and lately lots of marine life can be seen on that location.

Location: This site is located near of the city of Halat, at 20 km north of Beirut.

Depth: Between 35 and 45 meters

Divers Level: good diving experience; levels starting “Advanced Open Water” divers.

Currents: Weak on this spot. You could enter a cold thermocline at 40 meters depth.

Additional Equipment: Underwater light, small caves and small holes are abundant on the mushroom and the nearby reef.

Halat 1

Halat Coast


Halat Coast

3- Volcano Crater (Tyre – South of Beirut)

Tyre sea has a very interesting site which it is one of the most breathtaking dives in the south of Beirut, also known as “Jouret Salem”, this dormant volcano peaks out at 38 meters and bases itself at 55 meters. Its diameter is 40  meters. We recommend an inclined approach giving you the best site of the inner walls where large fish will look right back at you and the lobsters will scatter. At its bottom large nurse sharks nestle the sand peacefully ending your dive with the gentle rhythm of their gills. Moreover, Tyre city has other scuba diving sites where you can find the roman ruins and so many others.

Location: Tyre – South of Beirut

Depth: Max 55 meters

Tyre, view along southern side of isthmus, adr090508586 800

Tyre Coast

About Tyre:

Tyre city has the most beautiful coast in Lebanon and from which Tyrian coast the purple dye was discovered and is called Tyrian Purple, produced from the Tyrian Murex Shellfish (Will be discussed in a later post). Additionally, the Tyre shoreis a site for sea turtle nests, by which nesting season usually lasts from May to October, with turtles returning to the place of their birth under the cover of darkness to dig a hole in the sand in which to lay their eggs. When the young turtles hatch, they head instinctively towards the sea. There are two endangered sea turtle species; the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), and the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas); lay their eggs on Lebanon’s beaches.

Young Sea Turtle Heading Instinctively Towards the Sea after Hatching


Sea Turtles – Tyre Coast


Sea Turtles – Tyre Coast

4- Barbur (Amchit – North of Beirut):

Considered to be one of the most exotic dives in the north of the country; Barbur features two tunnels at around 35 meters which leads the divers to a drop of up to 60 meters. This site is a reef drop off, and divers should be advanced.

Location: Facing Amchit Shore

Depth: 30 – 50 meters

Divers Level: Advanced ++

About Amchit:

Amchit is seaside town in Lebanon, situated between Byblos and Jbeil and about 40 km north of Beirut. Amchit city is known for its baskets and mats woven from palm leaves. Olive and citrus fruits are the main agricultural products of the town. It is also known for its delicious seafood restaurants located on all the coast.

Amchit Bay

Amchit Bay

5- Natural Bridge (Amchit – North of Beirut)

This is the Lebanese coast’s answer to the Faqra natural bridge. The Mediterranean carved this bridge out using its currents as a chisel; hundreds of years of gentle carving have resulted in this natural engineering miracle. This dive features both the natural bridge and nestled under it is the opening of the tunnel (48 meters).

Location: Amchit – South of Lebanon

Depth: 45 – 50 meters

Amchit 2

Amchit Coast

Amchit Shore

Amchit Shore

Tell us what you think about this post, your comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Wait for our next posts for other diving sites, where you can enjoy diving in Lebanon.

Posted by: Ibrahim K. Msallam


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